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150 years of MM


Next year will be the 150th anniversary of the MM company. I wonder what they'll do to celebrate?

In 2014, the company I worked for turned 150 and we had a whole load of events to celebrate. I managed to hit two of the parties in Houston and Oslo and it was great fun.


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I wonder what they'll do to celebrate?
Hopefully they'll finally make another CornDog like they did back in the day (long before I smoked a pipe). I'd really love to see some more new shapes from them, but even if they just keep on keepin' on, that's fine by me. I love Missouri Meerschaum—I probably wouldn't be here if it wasn't for their pipes—so I hope to see many more years of awesome and inexpensive pipes from those folks.
NOBODY makes a corn cob pipe like they do!:goodjob: