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20% off at P AND C


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You guys hating on P&C... I get it. I’ve had order issues too. But SP.com has a 10 tin/day limit on Dunhill at normal price + shipping, while P&C has a 20% discount and will accept and ship multiple orders for 100 tins with free shipping says they’re not all bad.
I was skeptical but pleasantly surprised to find they actually had what I was in need of, which was a new tin of Fusilier's ration as well as a tin of dreams of kadath. I'm fact just recently I received a backordered item, 3 oz if CBK I ordered with a birthday coupon, and my credit card was not overcharged! Cautiously optimistic but we will never forget the ipsd 2017 fiasco


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I ordered up on some Gawith Hoggarth that was in stock, SP never discounts that stuff.

Personally, I've never had any issue with P&C that a phone call couldn't solve.