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Auuuuugh! Out of Dunhill 965!


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I didn't see Spillproof's post when I had posted mine as I was rambling and decided to prune it down, but he's totally right about stocking up right now and not worrying about a "match".

SmokingPipes likely has a very large stock, did you ask Nick how many they had on hand?

Back before the ration limits it was easy to find out but now it doesn't work on the rationed blends. Back when I was cellaring SG Lakeland Dark I'd keep constant tabs on their stock rate as I was buying in increments, their stock of SGLD was usually 200 and under. Just out of curiosity I checked on 965 and it was ridiculously high, like 3,500 or something like that.

You can still do it with non-rationed blends, for example put 500 tins of PPP in your cart and it'll show We only have 143 on hand*, so then you know what the stock is.

Rambling here about STG for venting purposes, I truly believe if they hadn't bought Orlik that much stuff may have survived as Orlik was similar to Mac Baren in that pipe tobacco was their bread and butter. STG is huge and the accountants rule the roost, which may make logical business sense, but it's sad for us. What STG did to Stanwell is a travesty which I find difficult to forgive. STG discontinuing the Irish plugs is a tragedy which I cannot forgive either.

I do understand that STG is simply responding in a strategic manner against the new TPD2 regs, similar to how McClelland responded to similar regs here in the US,
but it is still painful.

STG says TPD disrupts markets
31 Aug 2016.
Scandinavian Tobacco Group (STG) said sales in the second half of 2016 should improve as markets normalise after introduction of revised European rules for tobacco products in May.

Organic sales dipped 1.5 per cent in the second quarter and operating profit (EBITDA) fell 2.7 per cent. “Our second quarter, in particular, was impacted by EU’s Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). The late adoption of the directive into national legislation has created short-term fluctuations in the markets and in our production. Noise in the markets is foreseen to continue in the third quarter,” said STG Chief Executive Niels Frederiksen.

Half year sales and EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation) were nearly unchanged at respectively DKK 3.2 billion (EUR 430 million) and DKK 632 million. STG is a leading manufacturer of cigars and pipe tobaccos. Price increases, normalisation of currency fluctuations and, in TPD markets, of stock movements should increase sales growth in the second half, the company said.


It's the end of the world as we know it,
and I don't feel so fine...


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All Smoking Pipes has are tins and I'm not paying those prices for that amount. I buy it in bulk.

I didn't mean to start a buying panic, but my retailer is out of bulk completely with no replenishment.
When the time does come you must look for matches you can try what I did the last time they went out of production -- use the search engine on most any vendor's site and enter "965" and a host of matches or "similar to" listings will come up. (Depending on the search engine of the vendor, of course.) Last outage there were a number of blends that mentioned a similarity in their descriptions. Sure, they might not stand up to side-by-side taste tests, but many were good on their own and could fill a void for you.


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I made a mistake by aiming my ire at STG, as far as the Dunhill stuff is concerned, it wasn't a decision by the manufacturer , but it was a decision of the trademark holder,
who is BAT:


I think that it's highly likely that STG will produce equivalents in the future, similar to how K&K (Rattray) made Wallace and Stirling etc when the Petes got taken away from them,
but nothing is certain ain't it not?
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