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BST pic thread...


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I asked Todd for a pipe that looks different on each side and this is what he came up with. Truly a magician.
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It's my favorite pipe for English blends. The long stem is a twin bore and it definitely makes a small difference in how things taste to me. I've been meaning to write up my experiences with that. I'll do it one of these days.
Holy Smokes!!!!! That's nice!


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Unfortunately I only have one BST, but it's become my favorite smoker (the pipe I use for "special" occasions). I purchased it from a fellow forum member, and I believe I am the third owner. I will be the last, because this will NEVER leave my collection. The "Horny Dublin":

That was my first BST. Sadly, a bit too heavy for me to hold comfortably in my teeth (TMJ issues), so I moved it on. It is a great smoker and a cool pipe. I think it was @thedismaltrade who bought it from me (but my memory is pretty bad).