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Cigar Smoker Who Later Took Up the Pipe ?


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I came to pipes as a long time cigar smoker. I only smoke cigars outdoors when at home, and wanted to be able to smoke during the cold winter months. - - I still enjoy cigars. They’re particularly good for sharing with buddies at summer get togethers. But I find that I prefer the pipe now. I’ve been buying pipe tobacco, but likely won’t be buying more cigars for quite awhile. I have enough stoggies - given how my consumption has dropped off quite a bit.
Anyone else come to pipes from cigars. How do the two of them fit in for you ? - Mac


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I've bounced around a bit since stopping the cigarettes about 8 yrs ago. Cigars, snus, pipe, and even used a vape for a while. For the past few yrs I've settled into the pipe but like you I don't smoke in the house so I use loose snus indoors. Anytime I'm outdoors though I have my pipe fired up. Here lately I've been learning how to roll my own cigars. So, many times if the evening is nice I have a delicious home rolled cigar. I must say it has turned into a fun hobby. I have started making my own pipe blends as well. Cigars to pipes is like peanut butter n jelly. They go together every time. The only real difference I see in a pipe is the ability to have any flavor you want. Next time I roll some cigars I'm going to add a few Perique leaves to the bunch and see how that goes.


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I was a former cigarette smoker that tried a pipe some 28 years ago, didn't get it, quit smoking pipes, then later quick smoking cigarettes.

Then started smoking cigars maybe 5-6 years ago.

Then my brother in law inspired me to try a pipe again one evening about 4 months ago......and I fell down the rabbit hole and have been down here wondering what the heck happened ever since....

Still enjoy cigars a few times a week but have not purchased any in quite some time.
Former cigarette smoker. Smoked cigars off and on for years. Got into pipe smoking a few years back. I find a pipe to be less of a commitment than a cigar not to mention less expensive.
I'm still buying cigars fairly regularly, with a 50/50 cuban/NC split and adding pipe tobacco to the cellar.
I started smoking cigars around 1990 give or take and a pipe about 10 years later. Nowadays, I tend to smoke cigars more than pipes in the summer and vice versa during the rest of the year. The best thing that happened from becoming a pipe smoker was that smoking different pipe tobacco blends gave me the ability to notice more flavors from my cigars.


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I started smoking a pipe about 3 years ago and I wouldn't have made it without PSF. There was a lot of wisdom there that's now here. I smoked cigars daily for about 10 years. I've smoked about 3 cigars in the last 3 years. I still have about 150 cigars in my humidor ranging from 3 to 11 years old. One of these days I'll go on a tear and start smoking those fine and aged cigars - oh, they're gonna be good. I have Oliva Masterblends I, Cuban Montecristos, Tatauaje Seleccion de Cazadore, Don Pepin Garcia Blue Label, Paul Stulac White Blinding Light, Edgar Hoill, Perdomo 20th Anniversary and more ready to go. I use Heartfelt 65 percent beads and those sticks are napping peacefully in the perfect environment. Right now, I just want to smoke pipes. I don't rationalize or overthink it. I just just enjoy it.
I enjoy a cigar when there is a group of us, conversation and cigar smoking. Pipe is more enjoyable to me without anyone around. A pipe is really enjoyable at the camp, inside or outside. Savoring a nice bowl of tobacco and enjoy a fire, in the stove or outdoors.


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I started out smoking cigars , Mainly Excaliber No 1s years ago, I have an overbite and the larger gauge cigars were uncomfortable to me. I switched to a pipe and now if I smoke 2 cigars a year thats tops. I have seen the increase of larger gauge cigars over the last few years in the shops and smoking lounges and could never imagine smoking those.