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July '18 CPCC meeting


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Howdy all,
Yep, it's that time again. This coming Saturday, July 21st is our monthly meeting for the Chicago Pipe Collectors Club aka CPCC. Our meeting will be held at 8 to 8 Cigars in Villa Park Illinois. The official meeting time is 8pm, but most of us get there an hour or two early so we can smoke and socialize that much more. Our host is a very gracious and pipe friendly one, usually a decent offering of pipe tobacco tinned and bulk. Also a decent selection of decent pipes... now's your chance to inspect a Pete in person! Of course, as our hosts name implies.... they have a very fine selection of cigars.
Our group has a wide range of ages and professions (current and retired), a wide range of interests and hobbies also leads to some rather interesting conversations. Of course, you can meet the now world famous @Winton , he might just have a tamper or two to show you. I keep holding out for Norm to show up and maybe sell me another of his fine pipes.
Come find us for an enjoyable evening, I'll share my tobacco with you!