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Sold! Last one! Espresso Brown Leather Standard Pipe Pouch


Was going through some of my leather inventory when I found this Standard Pipe Pouch, in Espresso Brown leather, hiding under a hide. I had offered these earlier in the year (I think?), and thought I had sold out, but, turns out, this one liked living in the shop. Can't blame it. It's pretty cozy here, and, it's among friends.
Well, it's all grow'd up now, so, time for baby to leave the nest.:bbaby:

Nice soft grain on this leather, needs zero breaking in, and the color looks like a coffee bean (perfect for you java fiends out there, who like a good cup o'joe with a pipe! And who doesn't?).

Unfortunately, I'm completely out of this leather, and my supplier won't be getting any more from the tannery, so, I can't make matching accessories for this one. I do have some dark brown bison, though, that's a fairly close match, if you'd like a tobacco mat or pouch to go along with it.

Was going to keep this one for myself, as the leather is like "butta" but, as you can imagine, I have a quite a few pipe pouches--some, with initials that don't match mine (and those are the chances you take when you hand stamp initials--sometimes, you mix up a letter and, boom, you have a new pipe pouch! :bag: )

These are $135. on my site, or, for PSD members (you get 10% off), $121.50 and free shipping in the U.S. This is the last of the Mohicans so, if you want it, call dibs on this thread.
DM me, if you're interested, or click the banner or this link to visit my website: Sorringowlandsons.com to see this and other handmade, leather pipe accessories.

Thanks for lookin', amigos.