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Let's see your Zippo


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@SmokeRings , here's one with a similar story...
Purchased in Leatherneck with the intent of giving it a good run. It still gets a good run here. I carry it as often as I can and it serves as a little piece of what my kids see every time they see me. It's also tied to some pretty good (and bad) memories. Helps my rattled head remember who I am sometimes.
Never got down to Leatherneck myself, but I heard about it a bit


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I can drill stuff. I'll do some googling and give it a go.

ETA- just saw Fr. Tom's response.
Better to have it working as is I suppose.
I drilled with a 1/4 in initially because that is what the guy said would work. That was not big enough, so I tried to open the holes with a dremel. They are oval now. You might be able to do a better job with it and come closer to matching the Zippo pipe lighter. I use it, but I was disappointed in the results.