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New Peterson Question


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personally coated or not, I'm not really phased after about ten smokes it doesn't seem matter....it's around the 20 mark I find they start hitting the sweet spot.

personally I find them a bit of a double edged sword for new smokers, as it might give the impression they can be loaded up and smoked like bellows, happen they don't come across a forum like this.

sound like I'm speaking from experience?


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As I remember the buttermilk is there because it is fermented, you could substitute yogurt. One bowl coating recipie was charcoal (from capsules), honey and yogurt. Takes a few days to fully dry. It does, somehow, work, but I don't bother with it any more. I just smoke 10 bowls in a row of PA, then put the pipe in rotation and after a while, it's broken in. I do think smoking PA or similar is a good idea for breaking in any pipe.

I once had a Randy Wiley pipe which I bought new and smoked only English blends with VA base and it took forever to break in (a year). Not the pipe's fault, but mine.