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I've already made a few posts here in this new forum, so I suppose I'd better re-introduce myself. According the the info from the old PSF, I joined Pipe Smokers Forums in 2008, although I was never a very active member. I did a lot of lurking, though. When PSF ended, I immediately joined this august group and went through the various changes of providers until we arrived at this point.

I picked up the pipe in 1966, so I've had the habit almost 52 years. I smoked cigarettes also for the first nine years and never paid more than about $15.00 for a pipe. In 1975, I discovered the old Tinder Box chain and English tobaccos. Since then, I've been a pipe smoker exclusively. Never missed the cigarettes once I set them aside.

Favorite pipe/shape: Whatever the next one might be. I own more pipes than any one man has a right to have and would be hard-pressed to pick one favorite pipe or shape. Mine run the gamut from cheap board pipes to fairly expensive handmade ones.

Favorite tobacco type: English, far and away. I like a good VA/PER once in awhile, but my desert island smoke would be Peter Stokkebye's English Luxury.

Hobbies: Besides accumulating pipes and accessories at an alarming rate, I also have a penchant for three-piece suits, fountain pens, hats (the ones with brims, not ball caps), walking sticks, suspenders (red, preferably), and pocket watches. In short, I consider myself as having been born a couple of centuries out of time.

I'm married, almost 33 years now, have two grown children (one of each) and one granddaughter. My main purpose in life these days is setting a bad example for my granddaughter.

There you have it. Thanks for having me.
@Terry292 Welcome! A man after my own heart! My wife just actually gave me a pocket watch for my birthday, recently, so, I, too, am now a collector of pocket watches! ...and pocket knives...and pipes (of course), and pens...:bag: At some point, I would like to own, and make, a walking stick. And I would love to wear suits more, but, this 100+ California weather does not really help with that endeavor. Anyway, welcome!