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RIP Old Tartan


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Certainly not a very popular blend, but still one I enjoyed. The Hearth and Home blend “Old Tartan” is sold out and not to be offered anymore. I have some cellared, but still lament it’s loss. It was a unique blend. Funny how you can discover a good new blend on one day and say sayonara to an old blend the next!


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I have an 8oz tin jarred in the cellar. It's been a long time since I've smoked it. My brother turned me on to it. For how often I smoke latakia blends, it'll last a while. It's too bad it's gone from Old Tartan to Tattered Tartan by going out of production.:(
Empathy here. Don't know they retired Old Hollywood, but I still have a half pound. I guess when a company comes out with 4 new blends a week, some need to retire. Only so much shelf space.

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This is really a case of YMMV. Clearly there were folks that liked Old Tartan. I got a tub once based on comments -- and it was on sale. Didn't care for it from the first bowl, but I stuck with it for several bowls and then stuck it on the shelf. For those that really liked it I'm sorry. Losing a favorite blend is like losing a friend. For me, I'll be ok.
I really like that one. I wish it was available. My bigger problem is when I have money a lot is out of stock but when I don't have money it is in stock.