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What are you Smoking August 2018?


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If you have problems I recommend the Meerschaum lined bowls, it may generally be a problem seeing they supply Meer linings, they must burn hot.
Yes I use Meershaum lined bowls, but sadly bantam do not come lined. They do not burn hot and the best Meershaum lined Falcon bowls in my opinion are Algiers and Istanbul. The new Carbon fibre must be good too.

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So I received a package in the mail today from Laudisi, and it's the supply of various blends which I'm trying out. Right now I'm sitting on the back patio listening to the lightening, watching the thunder .. or something like that. And I'm smoking Grand Croupier Jackpot in my Savinelli Custom.


There's some really nice chunks in the mix, particularly for $1.26 per ounce.


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Man if ever there was a time to have a Zippo, all I brought were bics and there is no getting a pipe lit on the 17th floor at the ocean, dadburn it. Packed the PSF 2016 POY Vermont Freehand billiard up with HGL and can't get er lit. Not sure a Zippo would either though, ill save it for the ride home tomorrow. Have a wonderful weekend all.



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Thanks to all for kind words and warm wishes. And for letting me vent a little. I put too many eggs in one basket back in March, hoping that the problems with my back would be fixed with one operation, and it just didn't happen that way. I'm not worried about walking up paralyzed any more, but chronic pain is a relentless assault on every aspect of life. We aren't designed to live miserable lives, not at all.
It could be worse. I have a great family, both at home and at PSD, and I will get through this with a sense of humor and the willingness to live chin up and eyes forward.
@Slow Tri just let me know, bro. I'll make every reasonable effort to make it up there when you're in town.

So this morning started off slowly with some DGT PS Blend from the Country Squire. Then the phone rang and I forgot what I was doing. Now I'm working on a lightly rusticated cob filled with some aro/lat/black cav homebrew.