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What are you Snuffing 2018.

I'm going to be making my first Mrsnuff order in the next few days! I set a limit for myself at $20 and have actually had trouble filling my cart with that much!
I'm going to get some kaliash because that @Serenity guy won't shut up about how amazing it is. I Got some super, some regular, and some menthol. That stuff is cheap!

I was going to ask if there are any "must have" snuffs that I should try, but I've seen those threads enough to know how it will end. So I'm going to go make a " top 5" thread now!
Haven't been good about posting what I'm snuffing. I tried the Silver Dollar Natural. Was good, but not mindblowing. Seemed a bit like Garrett Sweet, but without the strong sweetness. Plugged up my nose same as the Garrett Sweet. After a few pinches on Tuesday morning, and a couple more Wednesday, I switched to Garrett Scotch, both because I like it better, and because I like breathing through my nose. Still trying to decide whether to try and trade it off...