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What are you Snuffing 2018.


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Yah, I heard he passed away. Also heard there would be some that were in the works that might hit the market, but never saw any. Nice guy, great talent, sorely missed...

Guess I'll have some toast and jelly, the last of my stash, in memoriam...

Looks like I may be into a new long game of snuff making.....
Please post your processes!!!! I'd love to see it!


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Great morning and happy fryyyday, starring the morning, last day at the Gulf enjoying Kailash with a cup of Joe what a beautiful morning, hope it is for you all too
It's been a lot of Garrett Scotch all this past week. Had the occasional pinch of McChrystal's O&G (tears up my nose, but I can do a pinch or two a day until I use it up, it's a shame that I like it so well), along with SD Original and some of the Apricot (which is better since it's faded a little.) But mostly Garrett Scotch.
Well crap. I never got around to placing my next order and now the cheetah is gone. At least the smaller size is anyways. I need to get off my butt and get some motia before it's gone... well that and the rest of the things in my cart. Hard to make myself order new flavors since I've become basically a 2 snuff man.

Dental scotch and super K pretty much every day. With the exception on my morning dose of special M before a shower.